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What milk is best for weight loss


Milk for weight loss. Is this possible? is this really true? Let’s read:

Dairy products are an essential part of a healthy diet. Milk is a drink made from cow’s milk, a resourceful food that has been in popularity for centuries. Did you know that you could drink milk for weight loss? While milk is an excellent source of nutrition and one of the most resourceful beverages globally, drinking milk in the right way helps maintain good health all day.

Most people can’t live without drinking a glass of fine milk to begin their day. But sadly, we made lots of milk choices these days that won’t be doing good to your body. Significantly, most pre-made milk based beverages sold worldwide have fewer nutrient values, and drinking them mess up your diet.

This article will help you learn many valuable tips on proper milk drinking. We will also highlight the several milk varieties that are good for health and for weight loss.

But first, let me tell you some vital info on milk that you probably missed during the nutrition class.

Calories for the five most common milk based 150ml results are:

Milk Name
Total fat cows milk – 93 calories.
Skim milk – 55 calories.
cashew milk – 25 calories.
Soy milk – 80 calories.
Oat Milk – 67 calories.
Almond milk – 26 calories.
Raw milk – 149 calories.

You get a clear idea of the dairy fat of different milk. This chart helps you for

Why do people think milk is not good for weight loss?

People on weight-loss diets usually think that they can’t drink milk because of its high-calorie content. However, this is not the case! Milk is good for weight loss! It contains amino acids that help in protein synthesis and even reduce appetite!

Milk also contains calcium, which is known to help with weight loss and muscle building because it plays an important role in building lean muscles and burning fat. Milk has also been found to help reduce fat absorption in the body. If you want to lose weight, drink milk!

Though milk is filled with hormones and other chemicals that may seem harmless, it can compromise the health benefits of a diet and lead to stomach pain, bloating, and many other issues. And of course, drinking plenty of milk every day will add meat to the slender bones in no time.

This is why people think that cow milk for weight loss is a no-go. Then, the question remains-

Can milk lead to weight gain?

Though milk is not the only food that can lead to fat gain, it is the one that has been most commonly blamed.

Milk contains many calories and fat, which may be the main reason why people think that it leads to weight gain. It also contains cholesterol, which is known to increase your risk of clogged arteries and heart disease.

But this is not true!

The truth is-

You can drink milk for weight loss as long as you don’t drink too much! Drinking milk will help you lose weight because it helps maintain good health and reduces your appetite. And if you follow a healthy diet, you won’t have any problem losing weight from drinking milk. In fact, drinking milk has been found to be beneficial for various health issues such as diabetes and osteoporosis (bone loss).

Which milk is best to lose weight:

Now, you need to figure out which milk is best for weight loss, cow milk or goat milk?

Ideally, cow milk is the right choice because it contains more fat and protein to nourish your body. It also has more calcium that helps you burn fat by building lean muscles and reducing fat absorption in the body.

On the other hand, goat milk contains less fat and protein than cow milk, but it has more calcium. This means that you can lose weight from drinking goat milk as well!

Now, let’s explore the ways to have milk for weight loss.

Cow Milk For Weight Loss

As our number 1 pick, cow’s milk is a widely consumed drink for its rich taste, amount of nutrients, and availability. It contains abundant calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, fat, and other necessary elements.

Drinking 1 glass (240 ml) of cow’s milk can keep you running for 8 hours without taking anything else for a meal. This means you can just spend your whole day consuming nothing but two glasses of milk.

1 glass of milk equals to-

  • Calories: 150
  • Protein: 7.7 gm
  • Carbohydrate: 11.7 gm
  • Fat: 8 gm
  • Iron: 0.07
  • Calcium: 276
  • Vitamin B: 0.8 mg

As you can see, 1 glass of cow’s milk will provide about 30% of your daily calorie requirement. This is the reason why it is considered the best food for weight loss.

Soy milk for weight loss

Soy milk is also an excellent choice for weight loss. It has many benefits such as high protein and calcium content. Soy milk is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to help reduce cholesterol.

SOY milk for Weight loss

Also, soy milk contains less fat and carbohydrates than cow milk, which makes it an excellent choice for weight loss.

1 glass of soy milk equals to-

  • Calories: 129
  • Protein: 11.13 gm
  • Carbohydrate: 12.24 gm
  • Fat: 3 gm
  • Iron: 2.73 mg
  • Calcium: 94 mg
  • Vitamin B: 0 mg

As soy milk has a similar nutrition value as cow’s milk, we recommend having it for weight loss program as well as for someone that has allergies to dairy products.

Turmeric milk for weight loss

Turmeric is a spice that is widely used in Asian cultures. It has many medicinal properties, and it has been widely used to treat different diseases.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that helps in weight loss and boosts immune system function. It also contains essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for your body to function properly.

For the records, you can toss a decent amount of turmeric extract in a glass of milk (cow’s milk preferred) and drink it.

1 glass of turmeric milk equals to-

  • Calories: 255
  • Protein: 8.6 gm
  • Carbohydrate: 15.8 gm
  • Fat: 13 gm
  • Iron: 0.4 mg
  • Calcium: 420.4 mg
  • Vitamin B: 0.5 mg

As turmeric milk has a lot of nutritional value, it will help you lose weight by providing energy while reducing appetite, improving mood, and preventing fat storage in the body. Turmeric milk is also beneficial for those with digestive problems such as IBS as it contains no lactose or gluten.

Almond milk for weight loss

Almond milk is gaining popularity as dietary milk for weight loss. It is considered a healthy alternative to cow’s milk for people who are allergic to dairy products. It contains more protein, calcium, and vitamin B than cow’s milk.

The best option for almond milk for weight loss is to prepare the milk on your own. There are many brands available in the market that comes with added sugar with the milk. It’s not good for your diet plan.

Also, almond has a lower amount of carbohydrate and protein so it’s perfect for a low-carb dietary program. But, as the milk itself is lower on vitamins and nutrients, it’s not the favorite pick for most people.

1 glass of almond milk equals to-

  • Calories: 41
  • Protein: 1.53 gm
  • Carbohydrate: 1.42 gm
  • Fat: 3.63 gm
  • Iron: 0.31 mg
  • Calcium: 23 mg
  • Vitamin B: 0 mg

Unless you have nut allergies, almond milk will be a fruitful diet for you.

Coconut milk for weight loss

Coconut milk is the richest source of calories and nutrients in the form of fat that is available. Coconut milk has a lot of health benefits including weight loss.

It has a high amount of fiber with almost no fats, carbohydrates, or protein. It also contains a high amount of healthy saturated fat. This can be good for people who are trying to lose weight as it will help them reduce their calorie intake while increasing the fat intake in their diet program.

1 glass of coconut milk equals to-

  • Calories: 391
  • Protein: 5.5 gm
  • Carbohydrate: 13.3 gm
  • Fat: 51.20 gm
  • Iron: 0 mg
  • Calcium: 38.4 mg
  • Vitamin B: 0 mg

Like always, the best coconut milk is the one you made at home. There are popular brands available with no added sugar but fortified vitamins can also be preferable.

When to drink milk for weight loss

Those who are on a low-carb diet should drink milk only occasionally. It is best if you consume it after a workout or during breakfast which will give you enough energy for the day.

Still, the best time to drink milk for weight loss is before bedtime as it will give you the much-needed energy during sleep hours. You can also add almond or coconut milk to your tea or coffee if you prefer that way of consuming them instead of plain water or plain juice.

Anyway, you can have more than a glass of milk during the rest of the day if you feel hungry. But consider not overdrinking milk as it will reverse the effect of weight loss into weight gain.


Milk is the ideal food that packs with health benefits and nutrients. Drinking milk for weight loss can be the perfect way you can lose weight while staying healthy. Milk consumption is good for health. Some people think about milk alternatives such as hemp milk, plant milk, a2 milk, skimmed milk. But regular milk is better than any milk alternative. You can avoid full fat dairy milk and take low fat milk for a milk diet.

So, did you pick your next milk for weight loss? If you still didn’t, hurry up and get going now.

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