How to prevent hair loss during weight loss

How to prevent hair loss during weight loss


Do you know how to prevent hair loss during weight loss? If you don’t, this article is for you to learn the secrets behind hair loss prevention on diet plans.

While it’s very common for people to experience a certain degree of hair loss after going for a weight loss diet program for months. The human body craves a ton of nutrients of different kinds and is very sensitive to their deficiency. If you are going for a strict diet plan and suddenly reduce the amount of nutrients intake, you may experience symptoms of the hair loss problem.

But no worries as you are about to discover the root of the problem with clear-cut solutions.

Why occur hair loss while weight loss:

Most people know that when you lose weight, your body produces fewer androgen hormones. This is the reason why hair loss might occur after a month or so if you follow a strict diet plan. When you cut down on the food intake, your body produces fewer androgen hormones and hence, it’s not able to grow hair properly.

prevent hair loss

This condition is known as telogen effluvium, which is a forced natural phenomenon that happens to your body because of the lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Hairs on our head tend to go into a neutral phase every two years and begin to fall and make way for new spores to grow. This is a natural cycle that repeats itself unless you are dieting which causes a bigger amount of hair to go into the neutral state at once and creates a rapid hair fall.

When you doing weight loss training hair fall is a very common thing. Do not be hyper about it. You need no hair loss treatment during this period. If you think you are in excessive hair loss then you can start hair loss treatment.

If you follow our instructions for hair care then you will get an early hair growth cycle and maintain natural hair.

How to prevent hair loss during weight loss

Hair loss happens because your hair is not getting enough nutrients from the food you are eating. Since you are on a strict diet, it’s not easy to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals. So, you need to eat more foods that contain essential nutrients like zinc, iron, and B vitamins. This means you should include more vegetables in your diet plan.

Using a healthy diet plan is the best way to prevent hair loss naturally while losing weight. It’s not recommended to follow a strict diet plan to lose weight fast. Considering your health, you should go for a diet program that shows results in months, not in a week. This should make your body adapt to the sudden shortages and prevent hair loss in the future.

When you lose hair during weight loss, it is not much savior as we face in cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and alopecia. During this period you get hair thinning and your hair shaft can remove for a certain period. Maintaining proper food habits, lifestyles can give you hair regrowth. You will get back your hair shedding.

Also, you can intake more vitamins to prevent hair loss. Vitamins are special nutrients for your hair and the main cause of hair loss during deficiency. You should always check what you have been stuffing in your mouth for the amount of vitamins intake.

But, not all vitamins are responsible to prevent hair loss. There are certain types that do the job.


Which vitamins you should take:

It’s important to know as you can’t randomly increase vitamin consumption without knowing what to take. This may cause other problems including being overstressed on vitamins. These vitamins and minerals are very much important for hair regrowth

Anyway, here’s what you need-

Biotin –  This is a vitamin that is essential for hair growth. It also helps in cell production, energy metabolism, and skin health. Spinach, mushroom, oat, wheat, egg yolk are great sources of biotin. It’s one of the major vitamins to prevent hair loss.

Iron – Iron is an essential nutrient for your body that helps with the production of red blood cells, and oxygen transport to all parts of the body. Iron deficiency leads to a ton of problems within your body and hair loss is one of them. To prevent hair loss naturally, you can bite on red meat, beans, and some dried fruits that contain heaps of iron.

Vitamin C – This is a very important vitamin in your diet. It helps in rebuilding new hair and also prevents dandruff. Vitamin C is found in green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, and some other fruit products.

Vitamin D –  This vitamin is essential for bone health and helps in the absorption of calcium. It also promotes healthy skin and hair. Vitamin D deficiency leads to hair loss, so you should eat foods containing this vitamin, such as red meat, fish, liver, milk, etc.

Zinc – Zinc is an important mineral for your body as it helps your body to produce new cells. Another way, it helps grow new hair spores on your scalp to reduce baldness and hair fall. It’s found in meat, poultry, and fish among other foods like eggs and wheat bran.

Above vitamins are important for hair care. You also need vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin e for healthy hair. Maintain healthy food with proper nutrition. Only proper nutrition can prevent hair fall and give you healthy hair.

Natural way of preventing hair loss:

The best way to prevent hair loss is to look for natural ways for a solution instead of taking drugs or supplements. In case you are on a diet that heavily restricts the amount of food (incl. variations) intake, you can consider taking vitamin B complex supplements.  It’s a vitamin that helps in the production of red blood cells, and also helps in the absorption of calcium. It also promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

You must not keep wet hair. Wet hair creates a bad impact on the scalp. Wet hair leads your hair fall to bald patches.

But, if your weight loss program gives you enough room to fit more food on the table, consider eating healthy foods on a regular basis to prevent hair loss.

Here’s what you need to eat daily-

  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Green vegetables (spinach, kale, broccoli, beans, okra, cucumber, lettuce, etc.)
  • Oily fish ( salmon, sardine, tuna, etc.)
  • Red Meat (beef)
  • Soy
  • Aloe vera
  • Vinegar

You can include all the foods above in your dietary chart as they are rich in nutrients as well as perfect for your weight loss program.

Which foods prevent weight loss:

The foods that prevent weight loss are the foods that you eat that contain high amounts of dense protein, complex carbohydrates, and toxins. For instance, these foods are needed to be avoided-

Avoid Eating Fast food items– All fast foods are prepared to make you submerge into flashy flavors and increase your appetite. These foods are often cheap than raw foods but contain less nutrient value. Foods cooked in high heat, topped with oily fats, and served with a mix of other oily edible make them the perfect enemy for your weight loss program. So, avoid them.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages– Alcohol is a pure toxin that when consumed, can cause many problems within your body. Alcohol consumption leads to impaired liver function, and can also lead to liver cancer, which results in weight gain. It’s also responsible for producing too much fat in the body and causes weight gain over time.

Avoid taking drugs – Taking medications on a regular basis can be harmful to your health as well as your hair loss. If you take medications like antibiotics or birth control pills, it will cause damage to your liver and kidneys which will lead to weight gain and hair loss.  It is recommended that you stop taking all kinds of medications, and seek a natural alternative for better health.

Avoid smoking – Smoking is another mother of disease. Smoking causes the production of free radicals in the body that slows down the growth of new hair cells and eventually leads to hair loss. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that contain ingredients that are known to cause severe hair loss, so it’s best for you not to smoke at all.

Avoid taking in too much salt – Salt can be found in a lot of foods including bread, meats, and many types of vegetables. Salt increases the amount of water in the body which will lead to weight gain and hair loss. To prevent hair loss, you must limit the amount of salt that you consume on a daily basis.


As for the final advice, try to maintain a steady weight loss program of a maximum of 1 Kg per week. This is the best-case scenario if you want to prevent hair loss naturally without changing your diet.

Losing weight too fast is harmful to your body. So, lead a healthy life with a practiced dietary plan including special care to prevent hair loss. That’s all!

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